ShowSalesProof: Installation & Upgrades


1. Visit the DOWNLOADS page on our site.  

2. Login to your account on that page. You would have received your login credentials in an emaill post-purchase. If you're not sure what your credentials here, you can click on 'forgot password' on this login page.

3. After you login, you can access your WCP License Key as well as the file.  Download the zip file and copy the License Key.

4. Now you can login to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard. Visit the Plugins page.  And upload the zip file you downloaded above.  Activate the ShowSalesProof Plugin.

5. Visit the ShowSalesProof >> Manage Notifications page. And enter your License Key that you copied in Step 3.  Save the license Key. That's it.  You can now start using ShowSalesProof :).


1. Visit the Wordpress Admin >> Plugins page. You should find an autoupdate button whenever a new version of SSP is released.  It'll look like this:

2. Click on the "update now" link to complete the upgrade.

If you don't find the "update now" link, you can simply delete ShowSalesProof plugin from WP admin >> plugins, and download new zip file from your members area and re-upload/install it.  You will NOT lose any settings if you delete SSP From WP admin >> plugins page.

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