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Lift Your Conversions With Real-Time Notification Of Sales & Opt-Ins!

instill trust & confidence in new visitors with Live Social Proof! 

Watch video to see what makes Show Sales Proof  

unique and better than ALL other PROOF Platforms!

Reduce Website Abandonment With Real-Time Sales Notifications

When your website visitors are aware that other people are visiting your site, and buying your products and services, it will reduce their purchase anxiety and make them more  confident about purchasing your product.

Show Sales Proof will allow you to display purchase activities on your sales page via a recent sales notification popup that will show up in the bottom left/right (configurable) or top left/right corner of your page. You can even display notifications right above or below your buy button on your sales page!

Within a couple of minutes, you can create, customize & activate live sales notifications on your sales page or any other page on your website!

add custom Notifications

Customer trust is hardest to earn when you've a new product, new launch and have no customers yet. People gravitate towards things that are already popular. So how do you leverage social proof when you've no sales yet?

What if you could manually give product access to your beta testers and use that as social proof? What if you could use testimonials from your beta testers as social proof?

Show Sales Proof will allow you to do this and more!

Members-Area Notifications, Upsells

Imagine if you could display targeted messages (based on the products or services your members have) as a non-intrusive 'popup' on your members page!

This will allow you to upsell your products to existing members like never before! 

All you have do is wrap the SSP shortcode with your membership shortcode. The  notification will only be displayed to those that meet the criteria.

Email Platform & Zapier Integration

SSP can connect with any platform that supports 'webhook notifications' for live feed.

For e.g., say you use ActiveCampaign as your email platform. You can connect AC >> SSP directly using webhooks. So when a user signs up or purchases your product, SSP will be notified and can use that data for real-time display. 

Or you can connect your platform with Zapier and connect Zapier with SSP. And the integration is really easy. SSP has a webhook handler that can accept requests from your Zap.  SSP stores the notifications data in it's own local database.  SSP also integrates with DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP). So if your users are in DAP. SSP can pick up live opt-in and sales feed directly from DAP!

SPC, ClickBank, PayPal, JVZoo, Other Shopping Cart Platforms... 

You Can Use Any Platform For Real-Time Display!

SSP does NOT need DigitalAccessPass.com or SmartPayCart.com for notifications, however, if you use SmartPayCart.com (SPC) as your shopping cart platform or use DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP) as your membership plugin, SSP can automatically pick up live sales and opt-in feed from DAP. 

Even if you use ClickBank, JVZoo, PayPal, Stripe or any other platform to sell, as long as the order details are in DAP, SSP can pick it up in real-time and display it on your pages.  All you've to do is let SSP know where it needs to pick up the live feed from and for which product(s)!

Very Easy to Setup & Customize!

SSP Templates are Fully Customizable And Mobile Responsive, and SSP is very easy to install & configure. 

You are not going to find another platform with more click / edit customization options to make the notifications match the style of your website than SSP!

You can also customize the contents and display whatever you want. SSP supports different types of notifications - real-time sales, real-time opt-ins, total sales, total visits and a generic template that you can use to display testimonials, special offers, announcements etc.

Grow Your Leads - Display Opt-In Notification in Real-Time

Imagine visitors that are on your website for the very first time!  They don't know you, they don't about your brand, they don't know if they can trust you. So what are they going to look for before they signup or purchase your product? 

Some proof that are they are not alone!

Show Sales Proof will allow you to display 'opt-in' notifications in real time on your opt-in page.  So users can see all the other users that are signing up for your product, and will be less hesitant to share their contact details with you, even if they are first-time visitors to your site!

But that was until now...

"My Show Sales Proof Experience has been AMAZING"

Youssef Damassi - PrecisionMovement.coach

Key Features!

Real Time Sales Notifications!

Display Real-time notification of Recent Sales, 

Real Time Opt-in Notifications!

Increase your opt-ins with Real-time notification of recent opt-ins. 

Popup or In-place Notifications!

Place notifications wherever you want - top, bottom, left, right

Create Custom Notifications

Give manual access to your beta testers and use that as social proof! You can import data into SSP!

TOTAL Sales Notification!

Display Real-time notification of total sales in a given time period. another way to increase buyer confidence.

Page VISIT Notification!

Display Real-Time Notification Of Total # of Page Visits! If you do not want to display page visits, you can turn it off.

Zapier Integration

Connect your Email or your shopping cart platform with Zapier, and connect Zapier with SSP for live feed of opt-ins and sales! 

Fully Customizable

The templates for all the notifications (recent activity, Total Sales, Total Visits) are fully customizable and mobile responsive!

DAP & SPC Integration

use DAP or SmartPayCart.com to sell your products?. SSP Can automatically  display live opt-in & Sales data from these platforms!

Display Coupon Code

Use it to display coupon code on your Sales page as part of your launch or special promotion. 

News & Announcements

Use it to display special news & Announcements. Display different messages on different pages.

Coming Soon...

display messages on a specific date or date range & don't show messages if users have already seen it.

Schedule Expiration

You can configure the period of time (in days) during which the notifications should be active. Notifications will turn off after that.

Display Time

You can configure how long each notification should be displayed on the screen so it does not annoy your potential customers!


You can configure time interval between 2 notifications (counted by seconds) so the notifications don't popup too often!

Members-Area Upsell

display targeted messages based on the products your members have in the members area. Use this for special offers, upgrades, upsells etc.

Display Testimonials

display testimonials or any other messages on your sales page, checkout page, upsell page etc and use that as social proof!

Silent Mode

Set a threshold for each notification so if your recent sales, total sales, visits are less than the threshold, SSP won't display the notifications!

MORE FEATURES COMING SOON...  (Release on 01/05/2021)

1. Display notification on a specific date.

2. Display message between a certain date range. For e.g. during your launch.

3. Display message for certain number of days.

4. Smart Message: Display message only if the user has not seen it before. Use it for one-time offers.

Imagine the number of things you can do with messages with a deadline! You can place expiring deals on your landing pages to create more urgency for your site visitors or in the members area for your members. Stay tuned!

Use this Game Changing Technology to

reduce visitor abandonment and grow your leads and sales! 

Don't WAIT!  get Started TODAY!

"Show Sales Proof offers more Customization, Features and Options for a Lower Price than anything else I have seen available."


The one factor that has allowed me to 2x and 3x sales faster than anything else is social proof. I've researched several similar platforms and popular apps on the market today and found they either don't have the features I need or come with much higher price tags.

Show Sales Proof is easily the ultimate solution that offers more customization, features and options for a lower price than anything else I've seen available. This is a MUST have for every online business.

Michael Reyes



Show Sales Proof plugin is AMAZING! 

I have been looking into sales notification platforms for a while and none of the others platforms I have come across compare in features or cost to SSP! 

This plug-in will raise sales conversions dramatically by instilling confidence in potential customers! I am extremely excited for what it will do to grow sales for me!

Ryan Aldarelli

/ MaddenUniverse.com

Hi...I'm Veena Prashanth.

I'm the Co-Founder / Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP), a premium Membership Plugin for WordPress, and the creator of ShowSalesProof (SSP).

Social proof is one of the most powerful forces when it comes to persuasion and selling. It makes the site look busy, active and instantly builds trust as your site visitors can see there are several other people that have also recently joined. There are so many ways you can use this plugin. You just have to activate it and let it know where it should pick up product details from!

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Add Beta Testers: If you are about to launch a product and don't yet have any buyers, you can invite a few people to beta test your product or provide you with feedback. Give them access to your product. And configure SSP to display your custom list.
  • FREE & PAID Products: You can use it for real-time notification on your opt-in page (free offer) as well as sales page (paid offer).
  • Display Testimonials: You can configure SSP to display a mix of real-time notifications and 'testimonials', or if your site is not very active, have it just display testimonials.
  • News & Announcements: You can use it your members area to display any important announcements/notifications
  • Members Area Upsell: You can use it to upsell products. Wrap it with DAP or your membership plugin shortcode so it's displayed only if members meet a certain criteria.
  • Total Page Visits & Total Sales: You can use it to display total page visits, total sales, etc.
  • Use it with ANY Membership plugin: It does NOT require DAP. If your users are in a different platform that supports Webhook notification, you can integrate it with SSP.
  • Zapier Integration: you can integrate it with Zapier or connect it with any platform that supports a webhook notification. You can use the 'data mapping' feature in SSP to map the fields to the ones in SSP.
  • Silent Mode: You can configure SSP to go silent if you don't have much happening on your site.
  • Time Delay: You can configure the time delay between 2 notifications. And also, how long you want each notification to display.
  • Display Past Purchases: You can let it know "How many days of Past Order / Opt-in Activity should be displayed?". You can have it go back in time by 5 days, 10 days or forever!

SSP is a very unique plugin. You can use it not just for live sales and opt-in feed, but also to upsell products & services, display targeted messages to your members based on the products or services they have, display testimonials and other special offers, and so much more! You'll not find another plugin that can do what SSP does, and also at this price!

Show Sales Proof will make it EASY for YOU To GROW your Sales & Leads!

Special Offer will EXPIRE SOON!

Show Sales Proof 

1-Site License


  • 1 Year FREE Upgrades & Support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee!
  • One-time Fee
  • License can only be used on 1 Site.

$49 ($69)

Show Sales Proof

Unlimited-Site License


  • 1 Year FREE Upgrades & Support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • One-time Fee
  • Multiple-Site License (terms below)

$69 ($99)

Show Sales Proof

Lifetime License


  • FREE Upgrades & Support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee!
  • One-time Fee
  • Multiple-Site License (terms below)

$169 ($299)

*Unlimited-Site License is NOT for use on client sites, JV sites, partner sites, friend, family, organization web sites.

It is only for use on your OWN web sites.

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team.



What Our Users Are Saying:

I am full time martial arts teacher with a very special niche in my field. Today I installed Show Sales Proof on my site. It just ROCKS! I set it up this morning on my Kyusho Jitsu Video Course site but will be adding it to all my sales sites and pages. It is very configurable and easy-to-setup. I did not even need the docs to set it up.

Thanks Veena for another EPIC product!

Art Mason - Promo.Kyushojitsuworld.com


This plugin looks really great, reminds me of what I see on Booking.com.

Can't wait to try this awesome plugin to grow my sales and leads. I've been using Veena's plugins for many years now and I'm very happy with the quality of her plugins and the support from her team.

I'll definitely use SSP on my sites to boost my sales.

Tatiana Klimova - Russianpodcast.eu

Customer trust is the hardest to earn when
you are just starting out and have no sales yet...

But that was until now...

No Customers? No Problem!

SSP will allow you to boost your signups and sales even if you are just starting out!

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